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This is a Game about a Viking using the power of the earth to defeat his enemies.
Currently there is only one gamemode: a wave-based endless "brawler". Try to survive for as long as possible!
To start the game run the .exe included in the files, then click on "Play Game". When youre loaded in, click on the blue banner if you are ready to begin the challenge.
(This Game features Discord integration.)

A/D: move left/right
W: Jump (Double Jump)
S: Block (less damage, not able to move)
Shift+S on a platform (house): drop down
Shift+A/D: walk faster!
F: Throw a rock at your enemies!
and now for the interesting stuff:
R: Create a Shockwave going through the earth
Spacebar: Create a Fist of stone coming from below, launching you and your enemies up. (Has a shared cooldown of 4 seconds with the shockwave)

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Win_Linux_Standalone.zip 17 MB
Win_Linux_Standalone_u1.zip 17 MB

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